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Today we are happy to introduce you the latest version of 123Movies which is much better and more improved than the old one that you were used to. 123Movies is a very popular streaming website but however not so many people know the most essential info about this platform and this is the reason why we decided to write this article so you can take a little break from watching movies and series online free and spend a few minutes reading some stuff about your favorite streaming site. Our target with this article is not to convince you that our site is the best or number one in the world, but instead we are presenting you true facts about 123Movies, the story behind it, how everything started and why this website is still here today after a very long period. It's written especially for those of you who have curiosities about this streaming website and this industry of online streaming overall. Well, starting from the beginning we can say that 123Movies is more than a decade old. Yes, it has more than 10 years of permanent activity of publishing new movies and series and already passed the test of time and it's trusted by millions of people from all around the world.

To talk a little bit about metrics and numbers, 123Movies is currently the most popular free streaming platform in the world, it has more than 20 millions visitors every month which is absolutely huge keeping in mind the fact that this is a free, small, independent site which is not earning a single penny from this work so our budget is almost zero or supported by our own pockets. The first years in the online streaming was pretty rough because we were all beginners and we had to deal with so many problems from technical bugs to attacks from competition or to Google's algorithm changes that affected us a lot. Eventually, we've learned our lessons and find out how to fix all the inconveniences and 123Movies became a very appreciated streaming site after a few years of work. Ever since the beginning we wanted to offer the higest quality movies and series that anyone ever seen online and we did it. We started by publishing Full HD movies and soon we reached the number of 10.000 movies online, then it was time to keep doing our job and we started to publish tv series.

Currently, our database includes 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes which means 123Movies is the ultimate streaming platform where you can find all your favorite movies and series for free. All the content is available only in high quality, we are never neglecting this chapter and we are always looking to publish only Full HD video files so our visitors can enjoy the best possible experience while watching movies or shows. Another very important feature of 123Movies is the fact that we are always uploading the latest released episodes from all the current tv series that are running on tv. Our advanced systems makes us able to publish the newest episodes within a few seconds after they are officially released. If you want to be among the first ones who watch new movies and series online free, you definitely have to stay tuned to 123Movies because this is the best place for online streaming. All our movies or episodes which are dubbed in foreign languages like Spanish, German or others now benefit of suitable English subtitles because this is a problem that many users complained about and we fixed it so now everyone of you can watch the best movies and series with English subtitles and understand everything perfectly.